Bilingual. You'd be surprised how many actors and actresses speak more than one language. There are a few stars that even speak 5 different languages. Most of the time, you'll find that an actor is bilingual because of where they grew up, but other times they speak two or three different languages because of schooling. Keep in mind that these men and women, for the most part, did not think that they would grow up to become actors and actresses. Their bilingual abilities are mostly a product of circumstance.

How much influence should your talent agent have in your life? For those of you starting out in the acting field, there are certain things that you'll find very helpful to know. The very first thing that you need to understand is that you do need a talent agent. Without one, you will fail to know when and where the best auditions are. An agent has contacts that you probably just don't have. Your agent is your golden key. He or she will unlock doors that you'll know nothing about. One of the biggest things that you should know is that you never pay a talent agent up front.

Your headshot will determine whether or not you receive a call to come in for an audition. As casting directors review people, a lot is based on whether or not you give them the impression you are a superstar. In fact, the wrong headshot can have people skip right past you, since they aren’t seeing that wow factor they are looking for. So how can you do the most with an 8x10 image of your face?

There's an old saying -- "never judge a book by it's cover." That's a sweet and trite old homily that may work for you when it comes to gauging the honesty of your over the fence neighbor. When it comes to getting a job, whether in broadcasting, acting or in an office, people are going to judge you by your cover. It's not nice, it's probably not right, but that's the way it is.

For struggling actors one of the most difficult things about launching their career is getting an agent. Since many agents won’t sign with an inexperienced client, they can’t seem to get their foot in the door. This, unfortunately, leaves them wide open to smooth talking scam artists who claim to be “talent managers.” They promise to get them auditions for major roles, guide their careers, etc. The catch is that the actor must sign away a percentage of their future income for the next several years.

1. Looks

If you're called in for an audition for a specific role such as a cowboy, the no-no would be in dressing up for the part for the audition. There's nothing wrong with dressing to give an impression. Instead of dressing up in chaps and other cowboy flair, try instead to give an easy impression. A few touches like cowboy boots and a pair of worn-in jeans. Something that is not flashy will help the members of the casting crew to visualize you in the role. The last thing that you want to do is go overboard with it. Understated will get you further. 


If your agency calls, you go. Even if you think it might be a stretch. They usually have a good reason to send you in front of that particular casting director. If you are self submitting, you want to be careful and realistic about what you audition for. Everyone loves a good audition, particularly if its a role that you've been drooling for and simply can't wait to become that character. You hear about the audition and decide that you're going to attend.. The problem is that the character is African American and you're not.

Finding and agent as a budding or experienced actor/actress can be a daunting task. The bottom line is that whomever you chose is going to play a major part in the success of failure of your career. A good agent is going to do more than find you a part. They are going to get you auditions, pitch your “brand”, chase leads, negotiate pay and negotiate your contracts. This is why it is extremely important to find a legitimate representative.

Becoming an actor or actress is a dream fostered by many young people. The glamor and glitz of the Hollywood lifestyle is enough to make acting anyone’s dream, but there is much more to acting than what the media shows us. One of the first questions that an aspiring actor or actress must ask themselves is whether or not they need an agent. While it’s not unheard of for an actor to make it big without the help of an agent, it is uncommon, so unless you happen to be Brad Pitt’s cousin, the answer is probably yes.

The desire to break into acting bites many young actors. While many believe they are just waiting on that big break, there are actually other things to consider when it comes to comes down to the process. Just because you meet with the right casting director, doesn’t mean you’ll get a part. You need to show that you have the talent to shine on film. That means taking the time to learn and become an individual who appears larger than life in person. While acting school is quite possibly the best thing you can do, it is only part of the process.

There’s some debate on whether or not you need formal school for acting. There are people who believe that those with natural talent will stand out, regardless of whether they had a formal education or not. In order to succeed as an actor, you need to have the ability to take the words on your script and breathe life into them. That doesn’t mean you should remove a formal education from your goals.

Becoming an actor or actress is a dream fostered by many young people. The glamor and glitz of the Hollywood lifestyle is enough to make acting anyone’s dream, but there is much more to acting than what the media shows us. One of the first questions that an aspiring actor or actress must ask themselves is whether or not they need an agent. While it’s not unheard of for an actor to make it big without the help of an agent, it is very uncommon. So unless you happen to be Brad Pitt’s cousin, the answer is probably yes.

If you’re new to acting and you’ve just begun working in the industry as an actress or actor, you have a few things to learn. You’ve probably heard people discussing the “union,” but may not have been entirely certain what they meant by that. In most cases “the” union that is being discussed is SAG AFTRA. SAG AFTRA—also commonly referred to as the Screen Actors Guild, is a union that represents actors, radio and television artists of every type.

When your agent asks for money, put away the checkbook. In today’s industry, there are people who are constantly deceiving new actors and actresses. They will ask for an upfront fee to handle your representation. They will then nickel and dime you with countless other fees and if you’re lucky, they might be able to hunt you down a D list part on an obscure cable channel original film.

There are quite a few things for actors to remember when they go out for an audition, and even when they are shooting their first scene. These 15 tips are designed to help give you an edge when you are chasing this career path.

Do you have what it takes to be an actor? An actor has an adaptability that defies truths. An actor soaks knowledge up like a sponge. How are you going to land the role of a Russian mob boss if you have no idea how to speak in a Russian accent? You must take everything that you are and become more. the important part; the key ingredient here is that you love doing it. If you don't love to do all of these things and you lack serious discipline, you probably shouldn't bother.