15 tips for actors

There are quite a few things for actors to remember when they go out for an audition, and even when they are shooting their first scene. These 15 tips are designed to help give you an edge when you are chasing this career path.

  1. Unless you are doing a monologue, Worry more about your understanding of the script, rather than complete memorization. This knowledge will prove far more useful to you.
  2. If you are asked to make a choice, make one. They aren’t only looking to see if you know the material,they are looking to see if you are a leader and can take control of a scene.
  3. Be incredible the moment you walk in the door. How you approach the casting crew will determine a lot. People make a judgement within the first 15 seconds of meeting you.
  4. Avoid being late to the late audition. This gives the casting director the wrong impression, and could cost you a part.
  5. Never turn down an audition. Think of each audition as a chance for you to improve this skill. You’ll find that with a little effort on your part, you can master this art and use it to your advantage.
  6. Study the project. It is a good idea to know what a production is about, before you head onto the set. This allows you to give more depth to your role and to shine on camera.
  7. Each take should be a reflection of what you are bringing to the role on film. Don’t just go through the motions. Live the part for each take you do.
  8. Plan on the audition process being a part of your acting career.
  9. The best actor doesn’t always get the role. Chemistry on screen is far more important as it plays a pivotal part of the process. Make sure you can play off of your lead.
  10. Don’t just speak your line. Instead, live and breathe them. Think about not only why the character would say the line, but how they would present it.
  11. Acting is more than reading a script. It is everything down to the precise movement of the character. Make sure you live the character from head to toe.
  12. Don’t ever think you are irreplaceable just because you secured a part. An actor can easily be swapped out if they are too difficult on a set. So avoid being a nightmare.
  13. You won’t be able to do every role out there. There are limitations to your acting ability. Learn those weaknesses and work within them.
  14. Be true to the roles that are a match for you. Know what roles are a fit for you and focus on those roles. If you change your appearance too much, you run the risk on missing out on the roles your natural look and charisma are perfect for.
  15. Remain humble and kind. The people who casting directors want to work with, are the ones who don’t get consumed by the fame. Remember where you came from and show everyone on the crew kindness. Just because you are a star in this moment, doesn’t mean you will be in the next film.