Is the ability to speak other languages an advantage?

Bilingual. You'd be surprised how many actors and actresses speak more than one language. There are a few stars that even speak 5 different languages. Most of the time, you'll find that an actor is bilingual because of where they grew up, but other times they speak two or three different languages because of schooling. Keep in mind that these men and women, for the most part, did not think that they would grow up to become actors and actresses. Their bilingual abilities are mostly a product of circumstance. A vast majority of the time, their parents were either stationed somewhere (Sandra Bullock) or the actor was placed in a particular school at a young age and was taught to speak a specific language (Natalie Portman). The obvious one is when the actor was born in a different country and then later, as a child or young adult, moved to the United States and thus learned English as a second language. Being bilingual is a wonderful talent to possess and if you're given the opportunity to learn a second language, take it!

Because you probably didn't know these actors speak different languages should tell you something about needing to know a foreign language to land a great role. That is to say, you don't need to know how to speak a different language to be a great actor. You will likely not use different languages in your roles, but at the same time, it'sreally impressive on a resume. Here's why. The fact that you can speak a different language fluently speaks very highly of your intellect and education. What's not impressive about being bilingual? As well, knowing a separate language can help you with accents that you may very well have to adopt in a role that you're cast for. These days, you will find that the most common language, other than English, spoken in U.S. films is Spanish. There are many Spanish-speaking roles in today's movies. If you want to learn a language that will actually be used in a movie or commercial, Spanish would be your best bet. If you already know two or three different languages, you will, without a doubt, be given a second glance. Schooling is excellent. Most actors are highly intelligent and it's because they took their schooling very seriously. You'd be shocked to discover how many of our actors and singers studied biochemistry or physics in college. That is not to say that you wouldn't make a good actor just because you didn't go to college but like most jobs, having a degree will open more doors.