Choosing the right auditions

If your agency calls, you go. Even if you think it might be a stretch. They usually have a good reason to send you in front of that particular casting director. If you are self submitting, you want to be careful and realistic about what you audition for. Everyone loves a good audition, particularly if its a role that you've been drooling for and simply can't wait to become that character. You hear about the audition and decide that you're going to attend.. The problem is that the character is African American and you're not.

Despite a young caucasian woman being applauded for "identifying" as an African American woman, the odds are that if you show up for this audition, you're not going to be applauded. Chances are you're going to be laughed out of the audition and what's more, you're going to be blackballed from auditions for which you are suitable based on your penchant for attending auditions for parts that you just don's suit.

Maintaining and taking care of your credibility is a huge part of being a successful actor or actress. That means showing up for auditions that you fit well and not for the ones that you don't.

Impressing someone at the Audition and Don't Go if You're not Suitable.

Check Your Headshots.. If you don't look like them, then don't go and don't use them. Invest in new ones prior to that all important audition. Likewise, try to include some stills from places that you've worked if you are able. Actors today are expected to be serious about their craft and nothing says, I'm not sure what I'm doing like not having all of the things you need to sell yourself as a package.

Get a Reel

If you've got it a showreal is nearly a necessity today. If you don't have one, invest in one and make it some of your best work. Some of the best actors out there have horrific newsreels and directors are watching this as an example of your ability and your reach. Don't make them remember you for the horrific quality. If you're going to do a monologue, make it outstanding quality and if you're truly uncertain what to do for the directors, one of their suggestions is to simply read a story to a child. It's one of the most effortless and positive ways to showcase your talents.

In short, if you're not ready, you haven't the physical attributes and you don't fit the part-- don't show up at the audition. The career you save may be your own.