Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Actor?

Do you have what it takes to be an actor? An actor has an adaptability that defies truths. An actor soaks knowledge up like a sponge. How are you going to land the role of a Russian mob boss if you have no idea how to speak in a Russian accent? You must take everything that you are and become more. the important part; the key ingredient here is that you love doing it. If you don't love to do all of these things and you lack serious discipline, you probably shouldn't bother.

Do you have a good ear for the natural cadence of speech? If you do, you probably can't sit through a bad movie without wanting to throw something at the screen. Funny, but true. Anyone can repeat a line, but that line also has to sound real. You also have to have the ability to read something and comprehend what words and emotions need to be stressed in the scene. If you can read something and can imagine that character, give her a face, a voice, emotion, become her, you may just be acting material! When you act, you cease being who you are and become, instead, someone else. Think of acting in the form of a wisp of smoke. It never stays the same, that smoke. If something is blocking its path, it evolves into a different shape. It grows, evolves, and so will you with each character that you play.

Imagination plays a key role in acting. Without imagination, how will you visualize who and what you need to become? Your imagination is a key element. If you don't read that much, start. Read it all. You must learn poems and myths. Watch plays and learn themes. Do you really want to screw up a line just because you didn't understand what a word means or miss the language connotations? Learn to love research. Many actors actually major in English with drama as their minor.

You must also learn how to handle rejection because it will happen more than you think. You must have the self-confidence that is needed to handle the business and the fact that you will not get everything that you're after. Not at first, anyway. "Know Thyself". Be comfortable with who you are and maintain your goals. In this profession, you can easily be dragged down into insecurity and depression. You must maintain a strong sense of self. You will need this form of self-ego to survive in this field of work. In this profession, surround yourself with love and support. Get out or stay out of bad relationships, if you're unhappy with something about yourself, change it. Block out anything that can drag you down. This industry will throw enough negativity at you. You don't need that in your personal life. Above all, learn to get over things and move on. If you can do these things; you're well on your way to becoming a great actor.