Embracing Your Acting- Being A Better Actor

The desire to break into acting bites many young actors. While many believe they are just waiting on that big break, there are actually other things to consider when it comes to comes down to the process. Just because you meet with the right casting director, doesn’t mean you’ll get a part. You need to show that you have the talent to shine on film. That means taking the time to learn and become an individual who appears larger than life in person. While acting school is quite possibly the best thing you can do, it is only part of the process.

Remember that the key to exceptional acting is internalizing your role. You need to observe the actions of others and translate actions and words to be more like another person. Spend your time in public watching other people and then attempting to mirror them. Talk to people and get into their head and watch how much you can learn from observation and how you can take those traits and use them to add authenticity to your acting.

Learn how to listen to the world around you. The natural dialogue of the world is where authentic acting comes from. People don’t just speak in a monotone voice. They add emotion to every word they say. You can hear happiness in a sentence, you can sense fear, and the sooner you learn how to translate this into the words on a script, the sooner you’ll find that you have a chance to leave a lasting impression on your audience and to score those casting calls.

Observation is another key area you need to focus on. Let’s be realistic, if you aren’t watching classic movies, how can you learn from the greats? Take the time to watch h ow different actors present themselves. Learn their mannerisms and see what variances they bring to each of the roles they do. By doing this, you have a chance to go beyond a person reading a script, you can become a phenomenal actor.

Acting is an art you won’t master overnight. It takes continuous work and striving to perfect your skills on a regular basis. Make sure you take the time to work on these key areas and do what you can to reach a point where people notice you when you walk in a room. Then keep them entertained as you present everything you say.