What to do when an agent asks for money

When your agent asks for money, put away the checkbook. In today’s industry, there are people who are constantly deceiving new actors and actresses. They will ask for an upfront fee to handle your representation. They will then nickel and dime you with countless other fees and if you’re lucky, they might be able to hunt you down a D list part on an obscure cable channel original film.

An agent only gets paid as they book you parts. These professionals take a percentage of your paycheck, and that is the only money they receive. They don’t get paid for having you attend workshops, they don’t get paid for you to take pictures. So when a so called agent is having you do all of this, they aren’t working for you. They are seeing how much money they can make off you.

Real agents will focus on getting you high paying jobs and getting you in front of casting directors. Their only goal is to make sure their clients are earning money, so they get their commission from what is being paid out to them. If you are someone they can’t get booked for roles, you’ll eventually stop hearing from them and they won’t renew their contract with you. They won’t ask you for a fee after a few months to continue to work with you, or expect you to pay a fee for monthly contact.

While you’re dealing with agents, also keep in mind that if they aren’t getting you in front of casting directors, it might be time to change representation too. You shouldn’t go more than a few months without a casting call of any kind. If this happens, you might be too low on the list of potential earners for the agent you are with and will likely do better in the care of another professional agent.

So the next time your agent asks you for money, and they haven’t booked you any acting roles, you can tell them where to go. In the acting business, you have to be willing to look out for yourself and to avoid the countless scams that are out there. When you do find a good crew of people who protect you and keep your best interest at heart, you’ll have the chance to get out there and shine on the big screen.